January 28, 2012

Pin It Carrot Miso Soup

Taken from Smitten Kitchen

Week 1
So I am a little behind “real time” in my posts as getting this blog rolling was not something I was on top of when I started my recipe adventures (mostly because I had not decided to do a blog yet) so I’m going to try and get caught up in these next few posts.

I think my sister Leah originally introduced me to Smitten Kitchen for a scone recipe, although I know she has a very popular site.  I follow her via my Google reader (a great way to have all the blogs you follow consolidated into one place) so I frequent her site for new recipes.  Due to the fact that it is “winter” (I don’t actually think that mid 60’s and sunny technically counts as winter, but you won’t see me complaining) and I am totally obsessed with my immersion blender I am super into making soups right now. They are generally very easy to make, and make large enough batches to last me the whole week. I thought this one sounded different and interesting so I gave it a go. It was also my first time buying miso and before that, I had no idea what form it actually came in (or ever thought about what it was made of).  Turns out it comes in a small tub and is kind of a solid paste, made of soy beans.

The soup turned out really well, clean tasting and yummy.  My only complaint was the sesame oil garnish.  I find sesame oil to be a very overwhelming flavor, and even as a garnish, it totally commandeered the flavor of the soup.  After eating it the first night, I did not use any sesame oil garnish after that, and it was better in my opinion.  I also used mini carrots (by default) and I would definitely NOT recommend this (which I’m sure most of you would say, “a-duh” to). You have to slice all the carrots and it would have been much easier using regular sized carrots. Also, as I’m writing this I just realized that I left out the ginger (maybe by mistake, maybe because I didn’t have any).  Next time I try this recipe I will have to include that because I think that would provide a little more flavor and a nice zing.

02/02/12 Update: I made this soup again last night (with the ginger this time) and it was super good. Not an overwhelming ginger flavor but a nice touch.  I recommend not skipping that ingredient (whether on purpose or by accident J)

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