January 28, 2012

Pin It Cream Cheese Banana Nut Muffins

Taken From My Recipes

Week 1
So my sister Sharon gave me a jumbo muffin tin for Hanukah and I was very antsy to try it out.  I had a ton of frozen bananas in my freezer (my roommate Nikole and I went through a phase of never being able to finish our  bunches of bananas before they turned too brown to eat, so we ended up with quite the collection in our freezer) so I thought giant banana nut muffins would be the perfect thing. I Google recipe searched for a moist banana muffin recipe, because there is nothing worse than a dry muffin.  I came across this recipe and thought the cream cheese seemed like a great way to ensure moist-ness.

I read some of the reviews on this recipe before I tried it and a couple people said you could cut down on the sugar (2 cups did seem like a lot). I ended up using 1 ½ cups and that was plenty.

I thought they turned out great.  They were moist and banana-y and huge! Like almost Costco sized muffins, and anything that is Costco sized is awesome in my book. Also, I love my new jumbo muffin tin, so many possibilities!

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