January 29, 2012

Pin It Lemon Lentil Soup

Taken From Natural Noshing

Week 2
So to continue with my current soup obsession, I found this recipe and thought it sounded interesting and different.  For starters, I had never used turmeric in anything, so I figured it would be good fit for my Week 2 recipe.

As I have found with most soups, this recipe was fairly easy and straightforward. I skipped the jalapeno as I can’t handle spice at all, but I’m sure it would be good if you are into that. I also skipped the nut garnish as I didn’t have/want them.

This made quite a large batch and kept nicely throughout the week. It had a tangy, lemony flavor and I thought the sour cream/plain yogurt garnish was a very nice compliment to the turmeric.  I really like Indian food but have a hard time with it because it is always too spicy for me.  This was a good way to get some of those same flavors while skipping the heat. I have actually made this recipe twice now (and somehow still never got a picture?! Hadn’t quite sorted out this whole blog documentation thing yet). My only real complaint is that the cumin aroma (which I think smells like a sweaty armpit) sticks in your kitchen for a day or so.

While perusing this blog, I haven’t found a ton of things I was inspired by (seems like quite the health nut), but this recipe ended up being really good.

Photo courtesy of Natural Noshing

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