January 27, 2012

Pin It Looking back at 2011- Rainbow Doodle Cake

This “exploring new recipes” idea was kind of in the works in the last few months of 2011, so I decided to do a little back-blogging and share some of those recipes as well.

My first real kitchen adventure was the Rainbow Doodle Birthday Cake (adapted from Sweetapolita).

My friends Bonnie and Kristen were turning 27 and I wanted to make them a special birthday treat.  My roommate Nikole had found this recipe months before, thinking it was super cool.  I thought, “Hey, I want to make some super cool,” and away I went!

I went an easier route that Sweetapolita, as I have yet to try my hand at a cake from scratch.  I used 2 boxes of Duncan Hines white cake mix (Pillsbury or Duncan Hines are my mom’s go to boxed cake mixes, never Betty Crocker) and made it as directed.  I then divided it up into 6 mixing bowls in equal parts, ~1 1/4 cup of wet ingredients in each bowl (sorry indigo, you got left out of my ROYGBV rainbow). From there I mixed in a ton of food coloring and baked each layer separately at 325F for 15 minutes in round cake pans.
Cooling cake layers
All stacked up

After all were cooled, I started to assemble the massive Rainbow Brite-esk cake, using canned vanilla Duncan Hines frosting as my mortar.  I was a little concerned that I would not be able to blend the layers nicely, in order to make it appear to be a uniform cake.  However, with enough frosting (2 cans for the cake), anything is possible!  I think it turned out pretty well J

M&M trim

I then decorated it with M&M’s because I thought it could use a little more sugar, and could hardly contain myself at how festive it was turning out J I could have totally added more M&M's but had to restrain myself to a boarder and some lettering.

Bonnie and Kristen turn 27!

We spent the day on a farm up near Brentwood, picking fruits and veggies.  At the end of the day, we settled into our comfy clothes for some well-deserved birthday cake.  We heavily documented the cake cutting and eating, as one should.
Ta da!

Smiley faces

Mongo slices
Festive crumbs

Overall, it was a success.  Very sweet, as it was double the cake and frosting of a normal cake, plus we cut HUGE slices for a more photo friendly rainbow cake. Definitely worth a try if you have an occasion, enough people to eat it and a little time on your hands.

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