January 30, 2012

Pin It Roasted Butternut Baked Penne

Taken from How Sweet It Is

Week 4
I recently stumbled upon the blog How Sweet it Is, and have found a bunch of exciting new recipes. I decided to try the Roasted Butternut Baked Penne for a Friday night dinner. This recipe was very easy and got me using some ingredients I’d never cooked with before: sage and mascarpone, yum.

I ended up using the “steam in a bag” butternut squash from Trader Joe’s as they were completely out of fresh squash the day I went (a whaaa?!).  Anyway, the steam in a bag squash worked well, but using a roasted squash probably gives it a richer flavor.  This dish is very cheesy, which obviously equates to delicious in my book.  My only note is that next time I would mix the sauce and cooked pasta in a separate bowl before putting into a baking dish.  It proved to be a little difficult to coat all the pasta once it was in my casserole dish because it’s so deep, plus it made that terrible person-eating-with-their-mouth-open smacking sound that would have driven my sister Sharon crazy.  I would also add more sage leaves to the top of the dish, mmm….maybe covering the whole thing in sage leaves instead of just using them as decoration.  I only used as few as I was mimicking the photo on How Sweet It Is, but I think sage in every bite would have been awesome! Aside from that, this was a great dish that I would definitely make again.

As a side note, How Sweet It Is also has a lasagna version of this dish that was the predecessor to the penne version, in case anyone is looking to make a larger dish.

Ingredients, nothing too crazy

Ready to go into the oven, using my Nana's casserole 

I know you can't hear it, but the cheese was making this amazing crackling sound, AKA perfection

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