February 3, 2012

Pin It Broccoli Slaw

Taken From Smitten Kitchen  

Week 5
So at my last work potluck, the menu was very cheese and cracker/chips and salsa heavy, not exactly what I call a meal.  So to ensure there would be at least some greens in the mix, I sought out a veggie recipe on Smitten Kitchen. After some deliberation on which would be the least involved yet still taste yummy, I landed on this broccoli slaw recipe.

I was able to stop by TJ’s after work and pick up everything I needed for the broccoli slaw, they even had sliced toasted almonds, score!
Can I just rave for a second on how much I love Trader Joe’s?  They make my life so easy!  They are a half mile from my house, have recently bulked up on their baking supplies and have almost everything you need (and even things you never knew you had to have).
Case in point
This recipe was super simple. Nothing complicated about it.  I might recommend using baby broccoli next time (a little more delicate and less crumbly after it’s been chopped) but any broccoli would work.

I substituted in lemonaise (a more flavorful mayo alternative) to add a little more flavor and zing. I tried a forkful of slaw before bringing it in to work (kind of an odd thing to have as your first food of the day) and thought it was quite tasty.  It had a nice crunch to it and I really liked the sweet/tart flavor combo the dried cranberries added to it.

Hopefully the group likes it.  If not, I’m going to be working my way through a huge bowl of slaw this weekend. Not sure that is exactly what I should be eating before running a half marathon on Sunday (in fact I know it’s not) so I might have to pawn some off on others.  Smitten Kitchen says it will also keep for a week in the fridge so that is always an option. 

 Can you see a color theme in my kitchen?!

I've decided that my phone is far superior when it comes to taking food pictures, look at those florets! 

By the way, there was hardly any left after the potluck, always a good sign!

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