February 26, 2012

Pin It Cookies and Cream Cookies

 Taken from Cookies and Cups

Week 9

So I've been wanting to try this recipe for a while now but just needed a lull in my sweets inventory in the house to do so.  Between girl scout cookies, campfire candy, Valentine's day candy and a box of Tim Tams from my trip to Canada, that hasn't actually happened yet, but people were coming over to watch the Oscars so I figured I'd whip them up anyway.

They didn't end up very pretty but they tasted good! I didn't have mini chocolate chips so I used regular semi-sweet chips (don't think it makes much of a difference). I also cut the recipe in half as I really didn't need more sweets in the house.

They were a nice twist on an easy recipe. Bonnie's boyfriend Pete was a little confused by the concept (a chocolate, chocolate chip cookie stuffed with cookies and cream candy), but I say "Why not?!"  They were a little caramelized on the bottom but definitely not a disaster (unlike the frozen pizza that slipped off the baking sheet as I was taking it out of the oven, and landed cheese-side-down on the floor.  Oh, and I accidentally baked it with the cardboard still on, so the dough was still raw. Oops.)

Hershey's candy drops, you can find them at most grocery stores
Not so pretty but not on the floor, so that's a plus!

Cross-section so you can see the cookies and creme goodness.  See, they are all fancy in their black and white for the Oscars :)
Marketing that withstood the 350 degree oven