January 31, 2012

Pin It Indian Spiced Vegan* Chili

Taken From: Daily Garnish

Week 5
Although red velvet cookies are awesome, they weren’t really going to provide me with anything substantial that I could bring to work for lunch, so another new recipe was tested!

I really like the Daily Garnish, and we have so much in common! She is a runner who lives in Seattle…and that’s really it.  I would never describe myself as a “country music maniac,” nor do I have any culinary training, and I definitely do not have a baby (which she blogs about a lot) but still, a few things to go off of.

I’ve never made chili before and found a couple yummy sounding recipes on her site (this was the other recipe I thought about trying) so I decided to give the Indian Spiced Vegan Chili a try.

This one won out because I liked the idea of mixing it up and using Indian spices, and because it was paired with naan (I love Trader Joe’s Tandoori naan, it’s super squishy), plus I needed a break from lentils (have made this twice in the last month).

This recipe was delicious!  I made it the day before I planned on eating it so the flavors would permeate the chili as much as possible.  I think I had it simmering for ~4 hours.  I made a few adjustments and totally nullified the “vegan” aspect of this chili.  I added turkey sausage because I like a meaty chili, and browned the sausage before adding the onions to the pot.  I also added ~ 1/3 cup brown sugar to this recipe as it was simmering.  My friend Matt makes a mean chili and he sweetens his with brown sugar.  I think it gives it a nice flavor and actually worked really well in this dish too. Lastly, I left out the jalapeno, because I am a total baby when it comes to spicy food.  Even the tablespoon of chili powered and 3 tablespoons of curry powder ended up being a bit much for me, but I’m trying to build up some sort of tolerance.

I brought this over to my sisters last night for post yoga dinner.  (Yoga at Grace Cathedral is free every Tuesday evening if anyone is ever interested.  It’s super low key and relaxing with live musicians and singers). The chili reheated nicely and this recipe will definitely enter my seemingly endless soup rotation.

Chili hanging out with the cookie jar
Chili in all his glory

Chili admiring his reflection in the toaster

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