February 27, 2012

Pin It White Bean Soup

Taken From Shutterbean

Week 9

Meh, this was ok. I've liked the other recipes I've tried from Shutterbean, but this one was only ok. There wasn't a lot of flavor to it (besides what my delicious peppered turkey bacon added), but this may just be one of those recipes that you can/should add a lot of toppings to.  I also just noticed that my sage leaves are much smaller than hers, so I probably should have doubled my sage to get a better flavor. Grated parmesan would be good on top, and I actually added a little hoisin sauce to it too (because I had it in my fridge) but balsamic would probably make more sense.  I'll have to experiment the rest of the week with this one to see what I can add to it to give it a little more oomph. I'm thinking cheese (parm or goat), crispy shallots, more turkey bacon...really you can do whatever you want since white beans are like working with a clean slate, like tofu...or the first day of school.

The only tweaking I did to this recipe was that I used turkey bacon on top instead of prosciutto :)

Mmm, turkey bacon

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