March 24, 2012

Pin It Brown Butter Oatmeal Chunk Cookies

Taken From How Sweet It Is

Week 12
Wow. These were...the BEST! I've eaten two so far and every time I bite into them I can't stop talking about how they are the best cookies I have ever made. Ever. They turned out perfectly!  They are soft and moist and chunky and thick and so chocolaty and cinnamon-niny. Amazing! I don't think their perfection can be attributed to one thing in particular, but was really the result of a number of magical things.

1. Brown butter. It gives it a delicious nutty caramelized flavor, so good.
2. Two teaspoons of cinnamon. More than I've ever put in any cookies I've made, and it gives them such a good zip.
3. Tons of chocolate chips. She said I cup, I used about 2-2.5.  I recently decided that there is nothing worse than a bite of a chocolate chip cookie with no chocolate chips in it. What's the point?!

I used a combo of milk, semi-sweet and mini semi-sweet chocolate chips, because that is what I had in my cupboard. I baked as directed, but I used my silpat, so I baked them for the full 12 minutes. They were perfect. Cooked through, but not dry or crunchy.  Chewy throughout and soft, aka my favorite.
Brown butter and sugars
Perfect little chilled dough balls.
He probably would have been delicious raw too, but I resisted.
They are so thick!
And now it's time for the cookie porn.
Look at all those chips!
I stopped mid-bite to take pictures. Yeah, that's called self control.
Seriously, everyone should make these because I won't be able to make enough to feed you all. Hands down, the best cookies I've ever made...and scene.

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