March 4, 2012

Pin It Cake Filled Peanut Butter Cups

Taken From Vanilla Sugar Blog

Week 9

Gooey cross-section
I know, right?!

So I found this recipe a while ago and have been waiting for an occasion to make them. When my friends mentioned doing a Sunday night dinner (a tradition that has been dormant for a while that is hopefully making a comeback) I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try out this recipe and once again, have my friends be my guinea pigs.  I even bought a set of these with this recipe specifically in mind.  The silicone baking cups made coating the cups in chocolate super easy, they popped out perfectly, plus look how fun they are!
This is not really the kind of thing you can make a dozen of and have sitting around your house. They are so decadent and rich, you really can only eat a half at a time, but they were soooo good and a fun twist on the classic chocolate peanut butter combo.

This recipe is very simple as far as the ingredients are concerned, but does have a lot of steps and took up the majority of my Thursday night.

This recipe starts out with the makings for cake balls/pops.  I baked a box of Duncan Hines devil's food chocolate cake as directed and allowed it to cool.
In the meantime, I melted milk chocolate chips and lined my silicone baking cups using a pastry brush.  I didn't thin the chocolate out with any oil, so it stayed pretty think and left a nice coating on the silicone cups.  I let them harden in the fridge for about 15 min, then applied a second coat.
Melty milk chocolate
Double coated silicone cups
Think of all the things you could fill these with! Mmmm
While the cake is cooling you can also make the peanut butter mixture.  This is just peanut butter, crushed graham crackers and powdered sugar.  
The peanut butter mixture from Vanilla Sugar Blog seemed to be firmer than mine, even after I chilled it in the fridge.  I was never able to form balls out of it because it was just too sticky, so I just used my mini cookie scoop when it came time to add this to the chocolate cups.
After the cake was cooled, I scooped it out of my baking dish and added the can of cream cheese frosting to the mix.  I know Sugar Derby likes to discard the edges of the cake so there are no hard bits.  I think I would recommend this as well for a more consistent cake ball mixture.

Cake ball mixture, doesn't look very appetizing but I promise, it's tasty.
All prepped and ready to assemble!
I used my mini cookie scoop to scoop out uniform amounts of cake ball batter and rolled them into balls.  The more you chill the dough the easier this is.  I then plopped the dough balls into my chilled chocolate cups and pressed them in a bit to make sure there were no large gaps.  The blog said to leave room on the sides to fill in with more melted chocolate, but I felt my chocolate walls were already thick enough and pressing the dough down a little was a better idea.  I was also a little worried about being able to fit in the peanut butter mixture, plus more chocolate on top, while still being self-contained in the silicone cups. 
Cake balls added and gently pressed into cups.
I scooped in smaller amounts of the peanut butter mixture on top of the cake. I then tried to flatten it down a bit so nothing would overflow when I added the chocolate on top.

Cake ball with peanut butter on top.
Now here comes the good part.  I then used more of my melted milk chocolate and spooned it on top of the peanut butter blob.  I drizzled it down the sides to fill in any cracks and smoothed out the top so they looked pretty (obviously very important J).
Gooey chocolate seeping down into the cracks.
Ta da!
Swirly top

I then chilled them for a few days as the dinner party was not until Sunday night. They kept well and I served them slightly chilled, just to make sure they were not all melty in people's hands.

Everyone unwrapped them before eating and they popped out perfectly from the baking cups. 
Please admire the prefect ridges.
Cleaner cross-section, delicious!
These were great!  Something a little different, a little fancy but still super simple ingredients.  If you have the time and about 10 people to feed, I definitely recommend indulging and sharing the guilt of this treat with your close friends J


  1. Oh my goodness these look delicious and I am a bit bummed I didn't get a taste test of these! Will be putting them in my recipe box for a future time!
    And I love love your blog!! Great pictures Rebecca! xoxo

  2. Rebecca! I made these with Leah and they were so much fun that I've made them again for a family gathering! Yay for all the inspiration you give me to try new and fun things in the kitchen! (I'm also making the pot pie and biscuits this weekend!) :D