March 24, 2012

Pin It Simply Delicious Strawberry Cupcakes

Taken From Food Network-Paula Deen

Week 12

So for my roommate's birthday I wanted to surprise her with strawberry cupcakes, a birthday tradition for her. I have still yet to try making a cake from scratch, so I felt comfortable with this recipe (since it used a boxed cake mix as its base).  I'm not a huge fan of Paula Deen's recipes, because they are generally horrible for you, but this one sounded really good and strawberry-y. Sooo, healthy went out the window, it's a birthday after all!
I did have to draw the line with Paula's strawberry cream cheese frosting though.  Although it would complete the strawberry birthday bonanza, I couldn't bring myself to use 7 cups of powdered sugar in one recipe. Instead, I used a can of milk chocolate frosting; ignorance is bliss.

This recipe utilized some interesting ingredients. For starters, it called for a package of strawberry Jell-O! Intriguing. It also called for a whole package of frozen pureed strawberries. Those are healthy, right? This recipe was super easy to make, just mix it all together then bake!
The Jell-O makes it so pink!
So, I wasn't thrilled with how my batch turned out when I used my jumbo muffin tins.  They didn't puff up much so they didn't have a rounded top. I figured a little frosting could fix that.  I also tried my silicone cups to see if those turned out any better. They looked a little prettier, but they did have one flaw: they weren't JUMBO! And who doesn't want jumbo cupcakes?!  Needless to say, the majority of the batch were jumbo flat tops, with a couple rounded minis thrown in the mix.
Firth batch: moist, but not the prettiest.
Mini batch using silicone cups, a little more presentable.
He's cute.
Topped with milk chocolate frosting.
Whole tray of birthday treats!
Made them even more festive with star sprinkles!
Kind of a molested looking piece of cake, but I wanted to show how moist they were in the middle.
So I had to sneak a taste to make sure they were good before surprising my roommate with them.  I gotta say, I'm not a huge fan of strawberry cupcakes but these were delicious!  Super moist with a very robust strawberry flavor.  Normally boxed strawberry cake mixes have a very artificial strawberry flavor. This has a little of that from the Jell-O (which I think is the secret to the moist-ness) but the pureed strawberries definitely make it taste like there are real strawberries in there (because there are!). Overall, great birthday treat!

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