March 3, 2012

Pin It Whole Wheat Brown Sugar Banana Bread Pancakes

Taken from How Sweet It Is

Week 9

So I had one of my high school friends Dacia in town visiting this weekend and it was her first time in San Francisco!  I didn't know this before she got here but I was able to show her a few of the things SF has to offer.
Pretty sunset near Crissy Field
Plus, the weather was gorgeous this weekend (70 degrees) which always makes the city even prettier.
Finally figured out what this whole Instagram thing is all about

She stayed over Friday night, and I wanted to make sure she had a good meal in her Saturday morning before she started her drive down to LA. 

I love sweet breakfasts but Tom is not such a fan, and will generally vote savory over sweet (unless he can have both), so I always jump at the chance to make a sweet breakfast when the opportunity presents itself.  Dacia was all over pancakes as long as I could make them a little "healthy."  I started searching for buckwheat pancake recipes but wasn't super stoked on anything I found.  I came across this recipe on How Sweet It Is, and given the ripe frozen banana collection in my freezer, ding ding ding, we had a winner! And just for anyone who was keeping track, I managed to use the last of my overly ripe frozen bananas and my freezer is now banana free! (Whew, at one point there were about 12 frozen bananas in my freezer).
The batter for these pancakes turned out thicker than any I had ever made. It did not pour like most batter and I actually has to use my large ice cream scoop to drop the batter into the pan.  
I also flattened them out a bit because I did not trust what would happen once I flipped them.  The recipe said to flip them once bubbles formed on top, but this never happened for me, the batter was just to thick. 
Even though the batter looked a little iffy, we all thought they turned out nicely, different than the usual fluffy pancake, but still good.  They were much denser (but not hard) and had a rustic flavor (as Dacia described it).  I was a little sad about how they were not light and fluffy but then Dacia pointed out that they are called "banana bread pancakes" and that was how they were supposed to be.  Prefect, I was sold.
We paired these pancakes with a delicious fruit salad (strawberries, grapes, kumquats and bananas) which was drizzled with vanilla extract (a trick of Dacia's to add extra sweetness).
Fruit salad glamour shot
The pancakes ended up being very good and even reheated nicely the next day.  I would definitely recommend this recipe if you are looking for something little different in the pancake department, and have a surplus of ripe bananas 
I topped mine with butter and coconut syrup 
Tom topped his with fruit salad and maple syrup, yum.

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