April 23, 2012

Pin It Milk Chocolate Filled Snickerdoodles

Taken From Cookies and Cups

Week 16
Sun warmed melty cookies (90˚ weather at Picnic Day in Davis will do that).
Mmmm, you want one don't you?  It's ok, that's how I felt when I came across this recipe. The visually induced salivating pared with the fact that I have cream of tartar in my cupboard equaled a destiny with these cookies.  I actually bought the cream of tartar months ago with the intent to make snickerdoodles and it has just been sitting idly by in my cupboard...sad and unused.  Well I heard its cries and put it to good use with these babies!

PLUS I bought a muffin top pan last weekend with the sole intention of using it to bake deep dish cookies.  You should be impressed I was able to wait the whole week to break it in.

Because I tend to strive for a good lookin' cookie, I ended up making this recipe multiple times over the course of the weekend.  I starting out following the Cookies and Cups recipe and I will show you the sequence of events of that first batch.

I mostly followed the directions for the dough, although I made a few minor changes.  The first step tells you to mix all the wet ingredients together.  I like to cream the butter/shortening and sugar first, THEN add the eggs one at a time.  If you beat everything together (specifically the eggs and butter) there is a reaction that essentially cooks the eggs, and you end up with a cakey cookie.  I've done this before by accident and it was very disappointing.

Also, the instructions for this recipe never tell you to when to add in the vanilla; you can add this after the eggs have been incorporated.
I wanted to fill these with dark chocolate but they were out at the store so I bought Dove milk chocolate squares instead.  White chocolate was not even in the cards for me as I'm not a huge fan, but I'm sure it's really good....if you're into that.
So I followed this recipe for my first pan and got less than ideal results.  I'm referring specifically to how much dough it says to use for each deep dish cookie.  The recipe said to use a heaping 1/4 cup of dough for each cookie. This was WAY too much...and I will show you why.
1/4 cup of dough with 2 chocolates.
This is what a 1/4 cup of dough with 2 chocolates inside looks like.
This is what it looks like inside a standard muffin top pan.
Full pan using 1/4 cup dough balls.
And this is why 1/4 cup dough it WAY to much.

The idea behind the a deep dish cookie is that they remain contained within the confines of the muffin top pan, and do not spill over.  As you can see, 1/4 cup of dough is just too much to be contained within my muffin top pan, which, to my knowledge it the standard size.
Close-up of spill-over cookie.
Muffiny-top cookie
Inside muffiny-top cookie.
Not quite right but still yummy.
So this is not what it is supposed to look like, but this batch was still delicious.  This is a really good snickerdoodle recipe.  You end up with a moist chewy cinnamon-sugary cookie. I highly recommend it. You can also make these as regular cookies on a normal cookie sheet, with or without chocolate inside. If you are making regular cookies, bake for 8-10 minutes.

After my first pan full (which was only 6 cookies, but did use quite a substantial amount of dough, ~1.5 cups) I tried smaller and smaller amounts of dough.  
I don't have measurements but am showing the dough balls in the muffin top pan for perspective.
Same pan as above. Smaller dough balls, but not small enough...
The end of day one also resulted in ~8 more cookies that looked like this:

This is closer to what I was aiming for and I had run out of time and dough, so I stopped here for the day. I took the best looking of my batches to Picnic Day up in Davis, which was a blast!  It's a big alumni, open house day filled with fun events like weener dog races and deep fried Twinkies (AKA fun for the whole family) with a slightly different take if you are a current student (maintain a specific state of inebriation throughout the course of the day hoping for as few bad choices as possible) ;)

It was super fun being back on campus and the amazing weather (90˚) made it even better.

On Sunday, I made one final attempt to find the prefect amount of dough for these deep dish cookies so I could bring them as dessert to a BBQ...and I think I got it.

I cut the recipe in half (because I really don't need that many cookies) which worked out nicely. Unfortunately, I didn't measure the final dough amount, but I hope the pictures below will give you enough perspective to replicate. I'd say they are probably closer to 2.5 tablespoons of dough (2 tablespoons = 1/8 cup). I also did not press them into the pan at all before baking, I just placed them in the center of the greased circle and they turned out great!
Perfect sized dough balls, rolled in cinnamon and sugar.
See how he glistens with pride?
I baked them for ~12 minutes and let them cool for ~5 minutes before removing them from the pan.  If you try and take them out too early they will get all squished and sad.
Cooling to maintain their integrity.
Have you ever seen such an organized stack of cookies?!

I ended up with a little extra dough, not enough to fill with chocolate, but just enough to make the cutest little snickerdoodle. I then stacked him on top of his chocolate filled buddy.
Mini is getting a piggy back ride.
Chocolate gooey insides (and Bonnie's feet).
In the end, I was very happy with my results.  I now have a great snickerdoodle recipe (whether you fill them with chocolate or not) and can't wait to make more deep dish cookies!

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