April 16, 2012

Pin It Sweet Potato Shepard's Pie

Week 16

I've actually made this recipe before, probably sometime last summer, but thought I'd give it another whirl.  I didn't remember loving it but also didn't dislike it enough to remove it from my recipe binder.  Last time I made it I remember I used ground turkey, which may have been why I didn't love it.  I feel ground turkey always ends up a little dry and just doesn't have as much flavor (AKA fat) as beef.  This time around I used ground beef and it was way better! If you are not of the red-meat-eating persuasion, ground turkey is a good alternative.  However, I would recommend adding a little more seasoning to the recipe and also not cooking off as much of the liquid before putting it in your casserole dish.

I actually really liked this recipe this time, plus it makes a ton!  It says 4 servings, but I would actually break that down to: 4 large man-sized servings or 6 lady servings. Basically, enough for my lunches for the week.

This recipe is fairly simple and only requires minimal chopping and prep work, my favorite.  I did have a cry fest while chopping and abnormally large yellow onion but that is par for the course for me. The flavors may seems a little odd at first, but trust me, they all work really well together.  I've never actually made a traditional Shepard's pie, but I would definitely recommend making this quirky variation.
Melting pot of flavors and colors.
Smashed sweet taters.
Beef/veggie layer loaded into casserole.
Topped with mashed sweet potatoes, olive oil and some S&P.
Not the most photogenic meal but very tasty.

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