April 25, 2012

Pin It Whole Wheat BBQ Chicken Calzone

Taken From How Sweet It Is

Week 17
You see my new "Pin it" button?  Yeah, I did that.  I learned how to use computer code and put it into my blog template by editing my HTML template and expanding my widget template...whatever any of that means.  The point is, not only did I successfully add the pin it button to my blog but I figured out how to read computer code enough so that I could put the pin it button exactly where I wanted it, instead of at the end of the post like the directions explained.  So yay me, I've reached a new level of blogger dorkiness but it was still a pretty exciting accomplishment.

On to the food! This was my first attempt at making a calzone and I'd say it was a huge success.  I did cheat a little though by not making my own dough.  I would have, as it seemed pretty straightforward, but I did not have the hour and a half that it needed to rise.  Instead, I picked up a ball of whole wheat pizza dough from Trader Joe's ($1.99 and absolutely worth it).  In Jessica's recipe, she had honey in her crust, which sounded really good.  To recreate this, my intention was to spread a little honey on my dough before filling it with its guts, but I forgot. Oh well, I'll try it next time.

I boiled 2 chicken breasts for ~15-20 minutes.  I had called my mom to ask how long chicken takes to boil, she told me 1-2 hours. Oh Mom, now we both know :) I let the chicken cool a bit then shredded it and set it aside. I caramelized the onions in a little olive oil for ~30 minutes and set those aside as well.   The TJ's dough has to sit out of it packaging for ~20 minutes to rest (which I always forget) so I did that while the onions were cooking and I also seasoned the chicken and shredded some cheese.

One thing I tweaked was that I used a 1/4 teaspoon of both garlic and onion powered... because I wasn't sure which was right.  In Jessica's ingredient list she said onion power, but in her directions she said garlic powder so I used both!

Since I used the TJ's dough and didn't exactly make mine mini, I ended up with 4 calzones (Jessica's recipe makes 6-8) and extra filling (chicken, cheese and caramelized onions). I could have managed more calzones out of my dough had I made them smaller but I think I still would have had leftover filling.  I used 2 chicken breasts and a really big red onion so there you go... I figure any leftovers would be great in a salad. 
Shredded and seasoned chicken breasts.
Caramelized red onion, the house smelled delicious.
Filled calzone.
Mid-sealing. It was actually much easier than I anticipated. 
Professional looking calzone, I was pretty proud.
Drizzled with a little olive oil to try and get a nice sheen going.
Done! A mini plate and a not-so-mini calzone.
Gooey and delicious insides.
Poor Tom always has to wait until I get a good picture before he can eat, but I think it was worth the wait. Great, easy weeknight recipe! Obviously you can fill a calzone with whatever you want, but this was a classic flavor combo that turned out great.

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  1. Yay for computer code-Dan is so proud of you!