May 4, 2012

Pin It Double Chocolate Coconut Cookies

Taken From Vanilla Sugar Blog

Week 18
Let me tell you something about being sick, it gets really boring, fast. You can only lounge around and "take it easy" for so long.  Eventually you are so tired of never putting on real clothes and just switching from day time PJs to night time PJs that you feel like you are crawling out of your skin and you have to do something to break up the monotony. Today was that day my friends.  I was so tired of lying around my house feeling like ass, I decided today was the day I was going to start feeling better.

My day started around 10am, when I finally got out of bed and could no longer pretend that the repetitive four note piano riff that is my downstairs neighbor's alarm clock wasn't keeping me awake.  Seriously, it goes off for 2 hours!  Who sets their alarm for 2 hours before they need to get up?!  And the best part was that I heard the dudes downstairs at 11am, so they were obviously not even at work today.  Then why set your G D alarm?! That is only one the many irritating things they do that I can hear through our paper thin walls/floors (leave their bathroom fan on for hours on end, watch episodes of The Office/That 70's Show or play shoot 'em up video games at deafening decibels) not to mention their two over-sized SUVs (one has Texan plates so explains part of it) that they configure in their tandem parking spot in such a way that makes it impossible to park next to. Ugh, anyway, I got up and decided to start today on the mend.  I showered (tada) and made lunch plans with my parents who are in town for the weekend. That means I was going to leave the house and put on real people clothes, hooray! I felt better already.

After lunch, it was only 3pm and I still had a solid 6.5 hours of sitting around my apartment before I could realistically go to bed. So I decided to bake.  I had all the ingredients for these cookies in anticipation of trying this recipe out, so I figured why not?

I didn't get the double Dutch cocoa powder because I'm not sure where to buy it (maybe only online?) but I did splurge at Whole Foods and got some Scharffen Berger cocoa powder.  I thought double Dutch powder was just a fancier cocoa, but wasn't sure so I looked it up.  Turns out double Dutch cocoa is a blend of Dutch-processed cocoa and extra dark black cocoa. Dutch-processed means that it is treated with an alkali to neutralize its acids. Because it neutral and does not react with baking soda, it has to be used in recipes that call for baking powder.  Huh, you learn something new every day.

So although I didn't get the Dutch-process cocoa I did get a higher end cocoa powder.  However as can see, my cookies are not as dark as the ones from Vanilla Sugar Blog, but I'm ok with that.

The recipe says to use melted butter, but does not specify whether or not to brown it. Given how good my browned butter oatmeal chunk cookies were, I decided to used brown butter. I let the butter cool before mixing it with the sugars. I added in the egg + additional yolk and vanilla and had something that looked like this:
Browned butter, sugars, eggs and vanilla.
I mixed in my dry ingredients and got a nice looking dough.

I then mixed in the shredded coconut and chocolate chips by hand.  The recipe says toasted coconut but never says anything about toasting the coconut before adding it to the dough.  I kind of doubt any toasting occurred and maybe she bought pre-toasted coconut, but whatever. I used regular shredded coconut and it turned out fine.
Added in coconut and chocolate chips.
I chilled my dough overnight...which I don't recommend. The recipe said to chill for an hour or longer but overnight made the dough pretty firm. I nuked it for about 30 seconds to soften it up a bit, which seemed to do the trick. I used my large ice cream scoop to make these perfect dough balls:
Make sure you pack the scoop well or else you could end up with some misshapen cookies:
Exhibit A.
I baked the cookies for 14 minutes, rotating the tray half way through. (After thinking about it more, I'd recommend cooking them for less time. I think mine got a little dried out, which was easier to notice a couple days after baking them. I would recommend 10-12 minutes to make sure they stay moist).
End result: delicious!
I'm trying to save some for my family, but we'll see how this evening goes. They turned out really well, crispy on the outside and chewy in the middle. Plus, they are SUPER chocolaty, which means they are perfect!

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