May 21, 2012

Pin It Homemade Nutter Butters with Chocolate Peanut Butter Frosting

Taken from Cookies and Cups

Week 20/21
I know I am supposed to make a new recipe every week but the next couple weeks are going to be a bit of a challenge (two back to back vacations: Kauai and Napa!) so I’m going to tweak time a little to cover all my bases. And technically I was making these Nutter Butters on both Saturday and Sunday of this weekend so that still counts, right? Plus I think I've made more than 20 new recipes this year so far, so let’s just gloss over the fact that a new post probably won’t come until week 23 J

So, I started out making these cute little cookie sandwiches on Saturday evening as I wanted to bring them as a Bay to Breakers snack on Sunday.
Bay to Breakers: Tom got to meet his hero, He-Man.
This recipe is very simple, and you end up with a really chewy, delicious peanut butter cookie (if you want to use the recipe just for that aspect).  The instructions on Cookies and Cups tells you to make 1 inch balls of dough, which I totally missed and I used ~1 Tbs.  Not sure if that is the same amount as a 1 inch ball but see below for what worked for me (not 1 Tbs).

As a heads up the post does involve “pinching logs” language. Shelly made a comment about it in Cookie and Cups, and I tried to think of another way to put it to avoid this potty humor, but once it’s in your hear to call the dough “logs” you just can’t think of any other word.  Cylinder, I guess I could have called them cylinders, but that seems too technical. Logs it is!

For my first batch I used my mini ice cream scoop to create balls (probably 1 Tbs.) that I then rolled into little logs and rolled in granulated sugar. After creating hash lines with a fork and pinching the dough to give it a peanut shape, I baked them for 8 minutes.  They turned out nicely (i.e. tasted really good and were soft and chewy) but they had totally lost their peanut shape and were way too big! Especially when you are making a cookie sandwich out of them, so you are essentially eating two cookies at a time. Portion control can be a good thing J
First batch using 1Tbs dough logs.
Pinching my peanuts, but not tight enough...
It looks like a peanut now, but was a sad oval after baking.
What they looked like going into the oven.
What they looked like coming out.
Fear not as all was not lost on these misshapen peanuts. Check out the chocolate PB frosting and vanilla ice cream sandwich.
So for my next batch (which I made Sunday morning) I made my dough logs small, using 2 tsp. of dough per log.  This seemed to work out to be just the right amount.  After rolling the logs in sugar and flattening them out with a fork, I pinched the dough to get that peanut shape.  Since my last batch lost their peanut shape, I pinched them much tighter this time to make sure they would still have their hourglass shape after baking.
Dough logs rolled in sugar.
Flattening with a fork.
Adding iconic peanut hash marks.
Pinching the peanut.
I know he looks abused but in order to get the peanut shape you need to really squeeze these little guys. 
Sheet full of peanuts.
Baked and still looking like peanuts!

For the frosting, I decided to mix it up a little.  In my cupboard I had chocolate peanut butter made by Peanut Butter & Co. They have a shop in NYC and make all sorts of different kinds of peanut butter.  The cinnamon raisin swirl is my favorite so far. The chocolate is delicious but I wasn’t going through it very quickly, and thought it would compliment the cookie in this recipe nicely. I substituted in the chocolate peanut butter for the regular peanut butter in the frosting recipe and it worked out well.  The only thing I don’t like about homemade frosting is that it is essentially just a ton of powdered sugar.  In the end, the frosting tastes more like creamy sugar than anything else, but I knew the chocolate PB was in there so it was ok with it.
Peanut butter for cookies (left) and chocolate peanut butter for frosting (right).
For frosting. PS, I halved this whole recipe (cookies and frosting) which is why this in a 1/2 cup.
I frosted the cookies and tried to find nicely matched buddies for the other half of the cookie sandwich.
Creamy chocolate PB frosting.
Nutter Butter cookies sandwiches!
These turned out great and were a perfect Sunday treat.  I'm still not a huge PB cookie fan (except these that I made from Smitten Kitchen) but they were fun and make super cute cookies.

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