July 23, 2012

Pin It Avocado Mac and Cheese

Taken From Two Peas and Their Pod

Week 30

You should definitely check out this recipe on the Two Peas and Their Pod site, it was delicious!  Not the healthiest of dinners but so creamy and cheesy and good.  After adding the avocado sauce to the pasta I thought that it seemed pretty creamy already and probably didn't even need the cheese sauce (I know, that would have been absurd).  However, if you are looking for a healthier option, you could just make it a creamy avocado pasta and leave out the cheese, milk and butter. Again, I'm not sure why anyone would leave cheese out of any meal, but I'm just throwing it out there as an option.

This was super simple and took very little prep/cook time, especially with the help of my newly inherited Magic Bullet! (Remember those ridiculous 3 hour long infomercials about how easy it is to make an omelet when there is no chopping involved? Or how convenient it is to be able to drink the smoothie you just blended right out of the party cup you blended it in?! Yeah, one of those). I don't have a blender or food processor, so I inevitably end up using my immersion blender to get the job done.  Tom recently brought over his Magic Bullet which made blending the avocado sauce much easier.  The bullet is by no means a replacement for a real blender or food processor or even a paper weight, but it works well enough, especially if it's your only option J

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