July 4, 2012

Pin It Flag Cake

Inspired by Smitten Kitchen

Week 27
Wednesday, July 4th...it just doesn't conjure up the same excitement and celebratory activities as say, Friday July 4th! Or Saturday July 4th! Oh well, you win some you lose some.

Since the 4th was mid-week this year it was a bit more low key than the usual BBQ/picnic all day celebration. We still had a BBQ planned with a few friends so an American themed dessert still had to be made. 

Originally I intended to follow this recipe and make everything from scratch...but then I saw a box of funfetti cake mix in my cupboard and thought "meh, good enough." I figured it's a small group of close friends so they weren't going to judge me for my boxed cake and canned frosting dessert, at least not to my face.  

I wasn't super pleased with how the decorations turned out but that is probably my own fault for not following Smitten Kitchen's instructions.  My first intent was to dust some of the berries with powdered sugar then assemble the cake alternating between my sugared berries and my plain berries.  However, I wasn't satisfied with the little hats of powered sugar that each berry had.  I was especially disappointed with the blueberries (and not just because they are my least favorite fruit).  They were dry and smooth and if you weren't super careful, the powered sugar just slid right off their tops.  

I then decided that I would roll the berries in the powered sugar to get a more thorough coat on each. This wasn't very successful either.  Since the berries were dry, the sugar didn't stick well.  I knew if the berries were wet they would melt the sugar but I got them a little damp anyway.  I rolled the sightly damp berries in the powered sugar and then started placing them on the cake.

This worked out okay.  It was definitely not as pretty as Deb's but what are you gonna do.  If I ever make this cake again I'll try it her way: Place all the berries you plan on dusting (stars and white stripes) on the cake, leaving spaces for the "red" and "blue," then dusting all the "white" berries at the same time. Then place all your plain berries in the spaces you have left on the cake.
Funfetti cake mix: so easy but still so good.
Frosting with canned cream cheese frosting. Yes, I know, the epitome of lazy baking. 
Flag cake, it's waving.
This was not my proudest baking achievement by any means, but it looked okay and still tasted great. 
Should we deem it a success? Sure.

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