August 17, 2012

Pin It Cookie Monster Cupcakes

Taken from Bird on a Cake

Week 33
Jealous much? Yeah, you should be.  I made these for my brother Daniel's birthday. Cookie Monster was/is his favorite Muppet. He's a grown up and about to be a dad, but I didn't see either of those as reasons that he should not have a little army of Cookie Monsters celebrating his birthday with him.
Cookie monster, whose first name is actually Sid (fun fact #1), celebrates his birthday on November 2nd (fun fact #2, who knew there was a Muppets wiki website?!).  Maybe on November 2nd I should make a bunch of "Daniel" cupcakes for Cookie.
I used a boxed Duncan Hines Devil's food cake mix to make this process a little easier.  No need to go makin' it all complicated with a homemade cake when there was so much decorating to be done!
I also used canned Duncan Hines vanilla frosting and blue gel food coloring in order to attain a bright Cookie Monster blue. I found the gel colors work much better than the traditional liquid food coloring. The gels yield a much brighter color, whereas the liquid colors can end up more muted and dark.
For the eyes I used Wilton candy melts (white chocolate candy disks, my sister found these at Joanne's Fabrics in Seattle, but I think you can also find them at Michael's) and chocolate chips.  I stuck the candy melts and chocolate chips together by microwaving a few candy melts and using them as glue.
Now comes the fun part! Using a paring knife, I cut mouths out of each cupcake and shoved a mini Chips Ahoy cookie inside....and ate the mouth cut outs for a late night energy boost.
So here is the tricky part: piping blue frosting so that it looks like Muppet fur.  I had to make sure the frosting was not too warm that it all melted together into a blue blob, but it also couldn't be too cold because then it was hard to get the frosting out of the decorating tip. I chilled the frosting in the fridge for ~20 minutes and did some testers until it seemed the right consistency.
First attempt, not so pleased with him, but I got the hang of it on the next guy.
The trick is to keep the pastry bag moving continuously to avoid staying in one spot for too long and ending up with melded together Muppet fur frosting. This is the recommenced tip for the pastry bag, which worked out nicely. Luckily, I was in Seattle at my parents' house so I had many more decorating resources to take advantage of (my decorating kit only has 4 tips, sad face). 

After piping on the fur, I placed eyes onto Cookie and brought him to life!
So many Cookie Monster's!
He's my favorite, on account of his crooked mouth. 
I had pinned this on Pintrest a while ago because I thought it was hilarious.  Glad mine didn't turn out like that. 

Once you get a hang of the frosting these are pretty simple, but definitely time consuming.  It was a late night cranking these out, but totally worth it. My brother seemed pretty excited with his birthday treat and I think they turned out to be....pretty much the best thing ever!

Om nom nom nom.

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