August 18, 2012

Pin It Frozen S'mores

Taken from Easy Baked

Week 33

My little sister was having a house warming BBQ while I was in town so I offered to make a dessert.  At first she had many requirements, or at least things I couldn't make.  Basically she thought my usual dessert experiments were too rich for a summery backyard BBQ, and wanted some sort of fruit pie.  I was a little disappointed because there were so many awesome desserts I wanted to try and had just been waiting for the perfect occasion.  Fortunately she changed her mind and told me that I could make whatever I wanted and to surprise her...and that I did.

With these!
These were actually super easy and not as time consuming as you might think. These are essentially a frozen S'more with a couple extra layers thrown in for good measure. It goes like this:
1. Graham cracker crust
2. Milk chocolate
3. Mini marshmallows
4. Frozen chocolate pudding/cool whip combo
5. Whipped cream
6. Mini chocolate chips

The full ingredient list and instructions can be found here, and below are a few photos to show you the process.

She suggested using a mini cheesecake pan (I don't know anyone who owns one of these, but they seem cool!) but I used a muffin pan with cupcake liners instead and that worked out well.
Graham crackers with melted butter.
Graham cracker crust pressed into cupcake liners (I used the end of a wooden handled utensil to get the crumbs compressed and even).
Layer of melted milk chocolate chips and heavy cream. For some reason not as thick as Easy Baked's.
Layer of mini mallows, cute :)
Piped on a layer of chocolate pudding + cool whip.
So easy and ready to freeze!

The recipe suggests topping these with cool whip and making them look pretty by using a pastry bag and decorating tip.  I used Reddi-wip instead, but Reddi-wip is not very good about holding its shape for more than 10 seconds, so they ended up looking a little sad. I topped them with mini chocolate chips and told people to eat them fast before they got even more flat and sad looking. 
No complaints there, people seemed to really like them!
Great summertime treat and good S'more alternative if you don't have a BBQ or fire at your disposal.

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