August 1, 2012

Pin It Peach and Roasted Veggie Couscous

Taken from Love and Olive Oil

Week 31
I think Israeli couscous may be my favorite grain, ever. It's just kind of fun to eat and I love the texture. They are just a ton of tiny dough balls that stick to everything in their path (and roll like crazy if you happen to spill them on the floor...yeah that happened). They're just cute and round and squishy and I love them.  So much better than the standard itty bitty couscous, in my opinion.

Ok, so again, this recipe is a little odd on the ingredient front, but I liked it. It was light in flavor but had some nice textures and it made me feel healthy as I was eating it.  You could also use quinoa as your base grain (seed) if you prefer.

This recipe was super quick to prepare and I thought it made a nice summery meal. All you have to do is coat your prepared couscous in olive oil, balsamic, thyme, salt and pepper and top with chopped peaches, roasted beets and carrots and feta.  You can check out the recipe here.
Juicy peaches. They happen to be free-stone which was just an added perk.
Peaches, roasted beets carrots on the left. Slippery seasoned couscous on the right. 
All together with couscous' friend feta.
I liked it.  I probably said that three times while I was eating it.  I'm not sure if I was trying to justify my recipe choice to Tom or myself, but I did like it.  Tom looked over my shoulder as I was preparing dinner and asked "Whatcha makin'?"  I laughed because I'm pretty sure he thinks my most recent recipes choices are on the wacky side.

It's not the best thing I've ever had but if you happen to have these ingredients in your house anyway, give it a try.

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