August 21, 2012

Pin It Snowball Cake

Taken From Sprinkle Bakes

Week 34
To end my busy week of baking, I wanted to make my dad a special birthday treat. My dad loves Hostess snowballs, loves them. Apparently they are going to stop making them so he buys them whenever he sees them.  Maybe this is where I get my instinctive "need" to buy any limited edition candy/cookie/cereal that I happen upon. Something to think about.

I saw this recipe a few months ago on Sprinkle Bakes and I knew exactly who would appreciate it most.  I was going to make a mini-version, as my mom always makes the birthday cakes. When I decided it was easier to make a full version and my mom decided that this would serve as the main and only birthday cake for my dad, the pressure was on.

To make things simple, I used a boxed cake mix.  There was too much going on to try this with a cake from scratch.

I baked the cake in a 2.5 L Pyrex glass bowl for 60 minutes. I let it cool for ~10 minutes, ran a knife along the edge and turned the cake out onto a cake platter lined with parchment paper.
Once the cake had cooled completely, I cut off the top about a third of the way down the cake. I tried to make sure that I kept track of the orientation of the top to the rest of the cake so I could try and line the edges up when I put the lid back on.  If you want to be super nerdy, you can put two toothpicks in the cake before taking the top off, one on the lid and one on the main cake.  That way you can line them up again when you place the lid back on.

After I cut the top off I "punched" a hole into the center of the cake. I used my fist to make a circular indentation into the center of the cake.  Thinking back, I probably could have used a bowl or glass as a template to make the hole more uniform. Next time.

The marshmallow cream frosting recipe for this cake is intense, and by that I mean it uses a pound of butter. Excessive? Probably, but I was in no place to mess with what was listed in front of me.
I put a cup of marshmallow fluff/butter mixture in the center of the cake and put the lid back on, lining up the edges as best I could.
I made the rest of the fluff/butter mix into frosting by adding a cup of powdered sugar and mixing in red gel food coloring.  
I then dyed the shredded coconut with the red gel food coloring until I got pretty pink coconut flakes.
This cake leaves lots of room for error since everything is getting covered up by a layer of something else. The edges of your top and main cake aren't lined up nicely?  That's ok, cover it with a thick layer of pink marshmallow fluff frosting! Your frosting layer is not even and smooth?  That's ok, sprinkle it with pretty pink shredded coconut!
and coconut-ed!
Complete with star birthday candles!

Yay snowball birthday cake! I probably could have made a bigger hole in the center to fill with marshmallow fluff for a better visual of the cut cake, but I thought this was pretty good for my first try.

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