September 2, 2012

Pin It Baked Mac and Cheese

Taken From Smitten Kitchen

Week 35

Saturday night dinner. So easy and so good! Tom had the idea of making mac and cheese...and putting it on top of a burger (and I thought some of my recipes were over the top?!).  My brother told me he had a great mac and cheese recipe after I had shared my avocado mac and cheese with him, so I called him for the recipe. He was a little busy (his wife was 41 weeks pregnant) so I called my little sister instead, who has actually met (randomly recognized her in a bagel shop in NYC) and emailed with Deb of Smitten Kitchen!

My sister/her BF swear by this recipe and it really was so good, and super easy. Best part, you don't even have to cook the pasta first! Instead you bake the uncooked pasta in a milk/cheese sauce for ~60 minutes and the result is amazing.

We used shells and sharp cheddar, but you can mix it up with the kind of cheese you want to use (trying to avoid super salty cheeses). I also topped ours with panko bread crumbs for some extra crunch on top.

My own fail here was that I didn't take any pictures.  I didn't really have the blog in mind while cooking (we were just trying to make dinner) and Tom was super stoked that he didn't have to wait to eat while I took pictures of his food.

I'll borrow a photo from Smitten Kitchen to show you what you're getting into:
Photo courtesy of Smitten Kitchen
I think why this mac and cheese is so over the top delicious, is because the cheese is evenly distributed throughout the dish and every piece of pasta is coasted with gooey cheesy goodness.

We will definitely be making this again, and also trying my brother's mac and cheese recommendation in the future uses a whole brick of cream cheese!

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