September 18, 2012

Pin It Chocolate Baklava

Taken From La Receta De La Felicidad

Week 38
Trying a new recipe is always exciting and little nerve racking. If it turns out great then you are a culinary genius! If it's a flop then you are a defeated sad-sack. Luckily this recipe was a success.

I really like baklava but very rarely have it. It seems to be one of those things like French macaroons, when it's good it's really good and when it's bad you wish you hadn't wasted the calories. 

When I found this recipe for chocolate baklava and knew I was having my family over for dinner Sunday night (AKA I would not be responsible for eating this whole pan myself) I decided to give it a shot. To my surprise it was actually pretty easy, but a little tedious.

I started out by making the honey sugar sauce (AKA sugar and more sugar sauce) and let that sit in the fridge to cool.

I then mixed my chopped pecans with dark chocolate chips and cinnamon. I melted a stick of butter and cut my filo dough to fit the size of my pan.  I used a 9x9 (because I don't have a rectangular brownie size pan) but I think anything about that size will work.  It just makes cutting reasonable size pieces a little harder (although triangles would be a good solution).

I started layering and buttering my dough sheets one at a time.  
After 8 layers were down, I added half of the chocolate nut mixture.
After distributing that evenly, I buttered one sheet of dough of both sides then added 2 more sheets of buttered dough on top of that.
I added the rest of the chocolate nut mixture and buttered one sheet of dough of both sides then added 6 more sheets (the rest of the package) of buttered dough on top of that.
Then I cut it into even squares.  Here is there I should have cut each square into two triangles. Oh well.
I baked it as directed: at 350° for 45 minutes, covered with aluminum foil for the first 20 minutes then baked the rest of the time uncovered. I took the pan out of the oven and immediately poured the honey sauce all over the baklava and let it seep into all the cracks.
I let this sit at room temperature all day (~12 hours) until I was ready to serve.
And it was good.

Everyone opted for a half a piece since this is such a sweet and rich dessert, but I had to cut a full size piece for the photo...and then I ate the whole thing. The. Whole. Thing. It was too much! My sister Sharon ended up with a full size piece too since she was not there when I was polling for piece size preference.  She ate it all too :) My brother-in-law suggested ice cream to cut some of the sweetness, which would have been a good call. Another good call: cutting these into fourths :)
Despite the super sweet and decadent taste, I was pretty pleased with how it turned out and as was not induced into a sad-sack state.  A sugar overloaded-sack, but not a sad-sack.

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