November 2, 2012

Pin It Broccoli Pesto

Taken From Fresh Family Cooking (scroll to the very bottom of the Fresh Family link for the recipe)

Week 44

Another test for my food processor! After making the roasted red pepper pesto, I wanted to try it again, and found this yummy pesto/dip recipe. The food processor made this so easy and it turned out really well.

I had a lot of broccoli so I ended up doubling the recipe, thinking that the 12 ounce (1.5 cup) yield of the original recipe wouldn't be enough. Doubling it was a bit overkill but I think it should keep okay in the fridge, and I can always freeze it.

I started by blanching the broccoli.
After that I added all the ingredients to the food processor.
Broccoli and walnuts.
Plus, parm, lemon juice, garlic salt and capers.
I slowly added the olive oil as it was processing (something I think I read in another recipe once?) and waited until it was all an even consistency, scrapping the bowl down once.

A ton of broccoli pesto.
Giant jar of broccoli pesto (and this wasn't even all of it!)
In the end it probably made about 4 cups, but should come in handy.  That night we ate it over pasta but I've also tested it out as a dip using sweet potato chips as my medium (super good) and I bet you could even use it as a pesto for making homemade pizza!  This is just one more reason for me to love my new kitchen appliance!

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