November 10, 2012

Pin It Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies with Sea Salt

Taken From Ambitious Kitchen

Week 45
Being out of cookies is something I like to remedy quickly in my house. However, in an effort to make sure I did not eat a whole batch of cookies at once, I went with a flavor that is never my first choice: peanut butter.  Although these have chocolate in them (obviously), peanut butter cookies are never something I drool over at a bakery display window, especially if there is no chocolate component.  Peanut butter cookies are more something I like to experiment with to see if I can learn to love them.  I've tried in the past (here and here) with surprising success, so I figured it was time to test the waters once again.

This recipe had a couple ingredients that I found intriguing, mainly Greek yogurt and honey. I couldn't pick out their flavors or textures once these were baked, but it was nice to know they were in there.

I baked these for about 10 minutes, which is probably a little under cooked to most people's standards, but they were just how I like them: soft and chewy and barley holding together. Ok, maybe I could have cooked them for a minute more to ensure they would not break apart upon picking them up, but they were still delicious. 

Peanut butter, your alluring powers are starting to win me over, especially when you are teamed up with tons of chocolate chips and sea salt.

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