November 18, 2012

Pin It Pumpkin Monkey Bread

Taken From Sugar Crafter

Week 47
I did it! I finally made a recipe using yeast.  For some reason this ingredient was extra scary for me (which I just found out is hereditary), probably due to the increased possibility of messing it up.  In the past, I'd always avoided any recipe that called for anything that needed time to rise, but in the comfort of my parents' kitchen, I was feeling extra brave.  Plus, I'd been wanting to try this recipe forever. Who wouldn't want pumpkin money bread during Thanksgiving vacation?!  No one I know. And guess what? I didn't mess it up! Hooray!

I started out by mixing all my dry ingredients in one bowl and my wet in another. When it called for warm water and milk, I just did it by feel. No thermometer was used (or needed, apparently).
I made a well in the center of my dry bowl and added in the wet. I stirred it with a wooden spoon until it came together as dough.
I then plopped the dough down on a floured surface and kneaded it for ~4 minutes, until it was "smooth and elastic."  The recipe said to do this for 5-6 minutes but the more you knead it the more flour you have to add to your work surface and the more flour is getting worked into the dough.  I didn't know if this was a bad thing or not and felt I had the right consistency at 4 minutes, so I stopped.
Smooth, elastic dough.
With my dough ball ready to go, I put it in a big mixing bowl and covered it for an hour to let it rise.
And it did!
I then rolled my dough out into a rectangle and cut it into "equal" squares.

I rolled all the squares into little balls, trying to make them all about the same size.
I then dipped each dough ball in melted butter and rolled it around in my cinnamon-sugar mix and started layering them into my greased bunt pan. I covered the pan with a towel and let it rise for another hour.
Pre-rise dough balls = little balls.

Post-rise dough balls = big balls!
I baked it at 350 for 30 minutes and took it out to cool for ~ 5 minutes.
Fresh out of the oven.
I turned it out onto a serving platter and it plopped out perfectly. I then drizzled the maple glaze over the top. I didn't use it all because I thought it would be overkill, but next time I would recommend using all the glaze. The monkey bread is surprisingly not super sweet like I thought it would be without the glaze.

Then the family was instructed to dig in!

Niece and nephew Chloe and Leo.
And they did. We decided that monkey bread is just like the center part (AKA best part) of a cinnamon roll.  All the soft, sweet, cinnamony gooey center, with none of the crunchy, drier edges.  And with a little pumpkin flavor added in, this was the perfect start to Thanksgiving break.

Next time you are sitting around with 3 hours on your hands, I would definitely recommend this treat.

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