November 11, 2012

Pin It Red Lobster Biscuits

Taken From Dough Puncher

Week 46
I never frequented Red Lobster enough as a kid to remember their biscuits, but apparently they were delicious, because these were awesome! I made these to go along with our BBQ duck dinner #2. Bonnie made delicious kale (I'll have to get that recipe) and cauliflower to go along with our duck and baked beans.

My favorite part was getting to use my new counter mat to roll out my dough. It's Crate & Barrel's version of a silpat and worked out great.

My dough was a little dry/crumbly so I added a bit more milk to get it to stick together (probably close to 2/3 cup).
I checked them at 10 minutes but they were still a little gooey in the middle so I put them in for a couple more minutes. I was baking them in Bonnie's oven which is obviously not uber hot like mine, so I tried to account for that.
These were really good and super easy.  The tops are brushed with melted butter, garlic salt and basil which added a nice flavor to finish it off.  I would definitely make these again.

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