December 23, 2012

Pin It Peppermint Bark Brownies

Taken From Love and Olive Oil

Week 52
My last new recipe of 2012?! Most likely, unless I'm feeling particularly motivated in the next couple days. But I did it! I made (at least) one new recipe every week in 2012.  In total I actually tried 109 new recipes. That's an average of more than 2 new recipes a week!  Yay me and yay New Year's resolutions!

I've been asked several times if I'll keep the blog going in 2013.  The answer is, yes!  I will still post new delicious recipes, but I will not hold myself to the one-a-week requirement, so I'll likely end up posting less frequently. I still want to be able to easily share delicious new recipes that I think others will enjoy as well. 

My other resolution for 2012 was to run a full marathon.  I checked that one off October 14th at the Nike Women's Marathon in SF. 
It's been an eventful year with lots of travel to Vancouver/Whistler B.C., Hawaii, Napa, and Seattle (3 times)! There was also a family wedding and two new nieces born in 2012, Sadie (left) and Lilah (right).

3 of my 5 nieces at Thanksgiving.
I also managed to fit in running 3 10K's and 3 half marathons this year, blowing through three pairs of running shoes in the process.  It's been a very active year with lots of cooking, running and baking (especially baking).

There were so many wintery themed sweets I wanted to try but did not have an army to feed, so I had to narrow it down to just a few.  I wanted to bring some sweets to Tom's parent's house and I managed to narrow it down to three recipes.  I made the English toffee, chocolate crinkles with candy cane hugs and these peppermint bark brownies. 
They were pretty simple and straightforward.  The only thing I thought was odd was that my batter was pretty thick, not really pour-able like the recipe indicated.  It didn't matter in the end because they just get covered with white chocolate anyway, but they don't really smooth out in the oven like I would have thought. Just make sure you try and smooth them out in the pan before baking.
These are a very fudgy brownie, not in the slightest bit cakey, which makes them very decadent.  The suggested size is a little absurd.  The directions say to cut the pan into 9 squares and then cut each square in half, making 18 triangles. This makes a huge brownie!  I'd suggest cutting each triangle in half again to make it a more manageable dessert, especially if you are loading up your plate with multiple desserts (as you should be).
Hooray for vacation, relaxing and indulging! 

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