January 10, 2013

Pin It Peanut Butter Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies

Taken From How Sweet It Is
After what seemed like months of non-stop sweets, I tried to take a brief hiatus from cookies...that didn't last very long.  Even though it'd only been a few weeks since I'd last baked, I missed it. More importantly, I missed the end result.  This recipe has been the cover photo for my "Sweets" board on Pinterest for a while now, but I'd never actually made them. Since it didn't require a trip to the store, this is what I decided on to kick-start baking in the new year.

I'm not sure why the recipe says to mix in the dry ingredients by hand, but I did and they turned out great.  I'd hardly call these cookies though; they were definitely something more.  They were dense (in a good way) and super moist (on account of the bananas) and stayed puffy and cute even after they'd baked.  Really I'd say they are more of a cross between a muffin and a cookie...a mookie!  These are peanut butter, banana, chocolate chip mookies, which means they are a totally acceptable breakfast food!
Different than any cookie I'd made in the past but really good, as long as your aren't expecting the texture of a usual cookie. Like I said, they are very moist and dense. I'm actually not sure they would ever dry out and be stale, they'd probably just get moldy first. No chance of that happening in my case though. I brought some in to work and they were gobbled up.
These are definitely worth trying if you are like me and love the PB-banana-chocolate combo 
(the ultimate milkshake flavor) or want to know the deliciousness that is the mookie.

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