February 22, 2013

Pin It Maple Dijon Chicken

Taken From Table for Two
Table for Two calls this one "Holy Yum Chicken," which is true...it is "yum," but that's too weird of a post name for me, so I'm going with Maple Dijon.

Here is what I love about this recipe:
1. It's delicious.
2. It's super simple to put together.
3. I (and most people) already have the main components on hand, which means very few things need to be purchased from the store.

I don't really have much to say about this one except that it really is super easy and delicious.  The chicken is moist (one of the few appropriate uses of this word) and it's got a great flavor. Next time I make it I'm thinking of substituting agave or honey for the maple syrup.
You can serve it with pretty much anything and it makes enough for leftovers.
Basically, I wanted to share this one since I think everyone needs to test it out as a contender in their usual dinner rotation, because it's showing up in mine at least twice a month :)

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