June 14, 2013

Pin It Red Velvet and Raspberry Supreme Cake

Taken From Sweetapolita

It's been a while since I've been able to whip up something totally ridiculous, as a crowd is really required for an event like that. Not only do I need people to witness the creation, but I need them to help me eat it!

To go with Bonnie's Louisiana inspired dinner on Sunday, I decided to continue with the theme and make this red velvet cake. I've never made a three-layer cake before and I always feel a little discouraged by cakes from scratch.  I just feel like boxed cake mixes (although totally cheating) tend to turn out so much better (lighter, fluffier, moist-er) than cakes from scratch.  However, I'm not a cheater so a from scratch cake is what I delved into.

I followed the directions as closely as I could to make sure my efforts were not totally in vain.  I baked my cake using two non-stick pans and one that's not coated, and the non-coated pan produced a taller cake.  I've definitely ranted about my dislike of non-stick baking sheets in the past, but I'm not sure if my flatter cakes can really be blamed on the pan. I don't think I have a large enough sample size to definitively say it was the pans, but it's a theory I'm going with.
After I made the cake I got started on the frostings...yes, frostings. This recipe calls for 3 different frosting, which I thought was a little overkill.  I decided to skip the pink whipped vanilla cream frosting and just doubled the marshmallow cream cheese frosting recipe (and added red dye, of course). Doubling the marshmallow cream cheese frosting worked out to be the perfect amount, plus I didn't have to go out and buy gelatin, so that was nice.
After allowing my cakes to cool completely (they spent a little time in the fridge) I started to assemble the cake.  I'm not sure why Sweetapolita says to but down a dollop of frosting on your cake pan, so I skipped that step. 
Also, from her photos it looks like she put the layer of raspberries between the bottom and middle layer, although that's not what her directions said. Probably best to put them near the top so they aren't supporting as much cake weight, so that's what I went with.
After the layer of raspberries had been placed (takes about a pint of raspberries) I slathered on a thick layer of mallow cream cheese frosting to seal them in place.
I put on my top cake layer and placed it in the fridge to chill.
While that was happening I make the chocolate frosting, which turned out delicious and fluffy.  Then I got to frost my cake!
I had made this the night before so I wanted to wait until the day of to put on the raspberries, lest they bleed their juices onto my delicately frosted masterpiece.
I may have gone a little overboard with the raspberries on top AND around, but overboard is really the theme of this cake, so why not?!
People were impressed by the sight and size of this thing but I really had no idea how it was going to look on the inside or how it was going to taste. Turns out, pretty good on both counts. I was really happy with the slice profile and thought everything looked pretty even, which was a nice surprise. 
The cake had been chilling overnight and Sweetapolita said to bring it to room temperature before serving. Even after 4 hours out of the fridge mine never really got there. Just something to keep in mind if you ever make this cake. It's a big mama jama so there is large volume that needs to warm up.  It may have been a little lighter in texture if it hadn't still been cold, but was delicious just the same.  

It's hard to serve a three-layer cake in moderate slices, so everyone had a pretty hefty chunk.  Unless you're hard-core, I'd say try and make the slices pretty skinny so you don't give you guests sugar overload.  I couldn't even finish my piece and I love me some sugar.

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  1. Picture perfect and is making my mouth water just looking at it!