August 17, 2013

Pin It Fudgy Chocolate Chunk and Toffee Brownies (The Best Brownies I've Ever Made)

Taken from Something Swanky
I know I've been MIA but how's that for a post title!

I almost want to delete all other brownie recipes from my Sweets board on Pinterest so I never stray from this shining star of a brownie recipe again. Besides the fact that I'm awesome and full of baking magic, my other realization while making these was that brownies from scratch are soooo easy. Pretty much as easy as making them from a box, but you can feel better about eating half a pan since you know exactly what's in them, or at least that can be your reasoning :)

Seriously, I can't say much more besides the fact that they are amazing if you love fudgy, rich, super chocolaty brownies.  This recipe didn't call for toffee bits, but this one did so I felt inspired.  Don't be alarmed if it seems like your batter can't hold all of the morsels you're trying to mix in, it'll all work out.  I added a whole bag of toffee bits (8oz.) and about 1 1/2- 1 3/4 cups of chocolate chips and it worked out perfectly.